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No More Lip Service

Artwork by Karen Mainenti

Curated by Work In Progress


"Fact and Fiction"

NYC Edition

March 5-11, 2019


The interesting thing about “facts,” one man’s truth is more often another woman’s subjugation. In the exhibition "No More Lip Service," curated by Marly Hammer and Lisa Wirth of Work in Progress, artist Karen Mainenti explores themes of gender “identity standards” by delving inside our makeup cabinets, investigating the marketing constructions that underpin our consumer lives.


Responding to the Spring/Break Art Show's 2019 theme—Fact and Fiction—highlighted series of works include Objects of Desire, Packaged Curves, Color Me Beautiful, and the debut #MeToo Boutique.


Mainenti also introduced a brand new painting, and lipstick shade, created uniquely for the exhibition—the artist’s interpretation of a bold new modern color for 2019. A special artist’s edition of 100 lipsticks is available for purchase.

SPRING/BREAK NYC ART SHOW was held at 866 U.N. Plaza (NY,NY).

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Artnet names "No More Lip Service" a must-see show

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