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welcome to work in progress.

The Status Quo

Historically, the art market has not been a welcoming forum for all artists. More than half of working visual artists are women, yet museum collections are overwhelmingly white (85%) and male (87%).

Only 13.7% of living artists represented by galleries in Europe + North America are women. In 2018, just one-third of the 820,000 exhibitions held across public + commercial sectors featured works by women. And on average, women artists earn 81¢ for every dollar made by a man. 

(Source: National Museum Women in the Arts)

About Us

If art shapes our collective culture and individual values, at what cost do we continue to exclude women's voices?


At Work in Progress, we're intent on disrupting the status quo, with a focus on increasing access and inclusion of female-identifying artists in private, corporate and institutional collections. We quite literally want to help women artists "take up space" on walls, in exhibition and in collections. We work directly with collectors and artists.

As curators, we are driven to bring to light issues related to institutionalized bias. We work to increase visibility for underrepresented artists, and employ multi-modal arts programming designed to spark meaningful dialog and lasting change.

Read our Founders Story.


Art Advising + Acquisition

Private + Corporate Collection Management

Exhibition Curation + Management

Multimodal Arts Programming + Events

Editorial Services

Artist Coaching + Business Support

Artist Submissions

If you're an artist who'd like to work with us, please complete our Artist Submission form. We review submissions on a regular basis, and will be in touch with our interest.

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