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Color Me Beautiful

No More Lip Service

Artwork by Karen Mainenti

Curated by Work In Progress


Room W24

NYC Edition

March 5-11, 2019

Artist Karen Mainenti's text-based paintings present popular, historic lipstick names against a plush background of the color referenced. Using rich color and evocative typography to draw attention to the oftentimes whitewashed and sexualized insinuations that underlie each—Gentlemen Prefer Pink. Ravish Me Red. Pin-up Peach.


At Spring/Break Art Show, in a program curated by Marly Hammer and Lisa Wirth, Mainenti debuts a brand new painting, and lipstick shade, created uniquely for the exhibition: No More Lip Service, the artist’s interpretation of a bold new modern color for 2019.


A special artist’s edition of 100 “No More Lip Service” lipsticks will be available for purchase.


Visitors are invited to participate—at the “No More Lip Service” vanity station, to try on historic lip colors and take a requisite art fair #Selfie.

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